Our Story

In 2004 Ed Murphy and his then business partner Michael Kearney realised that the provision of Home Care in Ireland was both limited and inadequate. With a growing aging population, they recognised that there would be a need for dramatically increased levels of homecare. Their long term goal was to ensure the highest standards of domiciliary care, allowing people to remain in the comfort of their own homes, rather than a nursing home or an acute hospital setting.

This became a passion and they were driven to search for the best Home Care Providers anywhere in the world. This eventually led them to the United States and after much research there and consideration for the needs of the Irish Market, they created, what became the largest and most successful provider of Home Care in Ireland.

…..And now

In 2017 Ed and Michael, having taken the business as far as they could as a franchise model made the difficult decision to sell. Ed Murphy, the CEO of the company concluded that franchising was not entirely appropriate to scale care for aging adults to the extent that it was needed.

The Home Care Model needs to fundamentally change and Platinum Homecare intends to streamline and standardise the home care experience for ageing adults everywhere. Our centralised operation will manage the business functions like scheduling, invoicing, payroll and our Care Team will be managed at a local and more focused and personal level. We also believe that through assisted technology Platinum Homecare will enhance the whole care process for our loved ones and their families.